Professional adventurer & explorer


Mum found me in Megalohori (Santorini) when I was 1 month old. She said I was hanging out with some goats but I just remember she took me in her arms and gave me the best food I’ve ever tried before. My parents love the mountains and the sea and they always take me everywhere with them to explore, even to the snow.

I grew up familiar with the countless shapes and sizes and colours of nature. I am always ready for adventure, never get tired of being outside, running in nature or smelling the plants. My favourite playmates are cats, every time they run away I just go behind them… Best fun! 

I also love when my parents give me a little tiny bit of their sweets! Chocolate literally smells and tastes like heaven (I know most people say is not good for me), I just love the life I live.


August 2016-Present
Explorer in all terrains. Sometimes they think I am a cat.

Skills and passions

Enjoying the company of cats90%
Loves meat and the smell of chocolate100%
Digging holes and hiding treasures70%

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